Armenian Refugees Participated In Demonstration In France

Aug 4 2011

AVEYRON. – Following the day of the demonstration of social workers
in France, people who want shelter also expressed their anger and
concern on Wednesday, Midi Libre French newspaper reports.

“We have no right to receive money allowance or get free food. How
can we survive?” Ara told the local journalist.

He spoke on behalf of many Armenian families demonstrating with him.

However, not all families were among the demonstrators. Many of
them were afraid of police. The whole aid is in blockade, Ara’s
girlfriend added.

Several members of the League of Human Rights came to support the
demonstrators. One of them stressed the difficulties that humanitarian
organizations come across. Thus, families who were left without
shelter would like to call the attention of authorities and media on
their life condition.

Departmental management of social consolidation and protection of
people explained the situation by the difficulty to satisfy all
demands of the refugees.

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