Turkey May Be Involved In Syrian War


August 3, 2011

PanARMENIAN.Net – A newly assertive Turkey could be sucked into a
regional war in Syria, a conflict compared to which Libyan hostilities
look like a walk on the beach, The Times reports.

Turkey’s Islamist Government has been toughening its position on
Syrian regime whom, until recently, it considered a friend, according
to journalist James Bone.

“Turkey’s army, the second-largest in NATO, according to some data,
elaborated an emergency plan of creating ‘buffer zone’ on the territory
of its former colony. This step will be equivalent to encroachment,”
the article reads.

Possibly, in future Syria will fall under influence of Sunnis and
become Turkey’s vassal again thus displeasing Iran, Alawis and

According to information, Iran directed militia to support Syrian
intelligence, according to the article.

Syrians running towards the Turkish border rise Turkish flags and
outcry “Only Allah and Erdogan can rescue us.”

“Despite colossal risk, the seduction to mediate for the sake of
Sunnis rescue may be irresistible for Turkey,” the article concludes.

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