BAKU; Yusuf Halacoglu: Turkey And Azerbaijan Come Closer As Sargsyan


Aug 2 2011

“The recent processes show how wrong Turkey’s policy of rapprochement
with Armenia was”

Istanbul. Mayis Alizadeh – APA. “Encouraged by some actions of the
separatists in Turkey, Armenia has recently made senseless statements.

But one must not forget that Turkey is not a weak country that
will give way to the separatists and senseless Armenian claims,”
former head of Turkish Historical Society, parliamentarian from the
Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), professor Yusuf Halacoglu told
APA’s Turkey bureau.

He said Armenia does not know what to do.

“The US does not support Armenia concerning “genocide” any more,
because the US needs Turkey more in order to solve the problems
in the Middle East. Therefore, Armenia’s “Agri Dagh illusions”
are meaningless. These processes show how wrong Turkey’s policy of
rapprochement with Armenia was. Actually, these processes strengthen
the relations between Turkey and Azerbaijan. Maybe it is for the
better. So, let them make senseless statements. One of the major
issues is that Azerbaijan should benefit from this situation.

Azerbaijan should complete the development of its economy. You know
that economic power of a country means its political power. In this
respect, Azerbaijan, which is strengthening its economy, is on the
right way. Every country, which is in danger of economic collapse,
sooner or later feels the need for its neighbors. For example Greece,
they sell islands. Armenia will be in worse condition. Armenia has
problems with all of its neighbors with which it could establish
economic relations – with the exception of Iran. There is a need to
establish new joint organizations. Enhancement of the relations between
Turkey and Azerbaijan is of great importance in this respect,” he said.

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