Anders Behring Breivik On Turkey-Committed Genocides


After questioning Anders Behring Breivik, who carried out a massacre
on an island youth camp and a bombing in the capital Oslo, in which
at least 93 people died, law-enforcers found a 1,518-page document,
a “manifesto” entitled 2083: A European Declaration of Independence,
in his flat.

In his “manifesto” Breivik also mentioned Sultan Abdulhamid,
masterminds behind the Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire Talaat
Pasha, Enver Pasha and Cemal Pasha the “manifesto” also mentions
Turkey’s policy of annihilating national minorities, the activities
carried out by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the Establisher of the Republic
of Turkey, as well as incumbent Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan’s
policy, issue of Turkey’s membership in the European Union, the Cyprus
problem and Treaty of Sèvres.

In the course of history, Turks have massacred millions of Christians
and converted hundreds of thousands into Islam. Turks are among the
world’s most ‘genocidal’ national. They committed Armenian, Greek
and Assyrian genocides, Breivik wrote in his “manifesto”.

As regards the Turkish premier’s policy, Breivik notes that Erdogan
is trying to convert Turkey into Islam, apply the sharia law in the
country and cause it to return to its Ottoman past.

Breivik strongly objects to Turkey’s membership in the European Union,
stressing that assisting Turkey in joining the EU means assisting

Why establish relations with a nation wishing to destroy the EU,
asks Breivik. He also calls for expelling Turkey from NATO.

In his “manifesto” Breivik also writes that Armenians’ historical
lands must be returned to them. eastern Anatolia must be returned to
Armenians and western Anatolia to Greeks, and a war must be started
for Christianizing the territories again, Breivik writes.