‘Renovation’ of the National Assembly

‘Renovation’ of the National Assembly

Story from Lragir.am News:

Published: 13:07:40 – 09/07/2011

A great deal of backstage rumors and press reports come on these days
that Speaker Abrahamyan may replace Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan
soon. He is said to pack his things to move to the government. The
Zhoghovurd Newspaper asked the head of staff of the National Assembly
to comment on these rumors. Gegham Gharibjanyan said, `Mr. Abrahamyan
gave me an instruction on the repair of the building which will last
for over a year.’

Gegham Gharibjanyan’s answer doesn’t reveal where the speaker will be
staying for the next year, in another room or in the government, for
instance, the office of the prime minister. Besides, less than a year
is left till the parliamentary election, and by that time renovation
of the office of the new speaker will not be completed. After me `the
renovation’, as the saying is.

When Hovik Abrahamyan became speaker of the National Assembly, he
promised to raise the role of this institution. Of course, when he
said role, he didn’t mean the role defined by the Constitution. The
National Assembly remained the same. Instead, the hall of the meetings
of parliament was completely reconstructed. However, to raise the role
of the parliament it is necessary to renovate its content, namely
replace 99.99 percent of members of parliament, including Hovik
Abrahamyan. Abrahamyan seems to realize this need, therefore he stated
once that there can’t be parliamentarians who own businesses.

The problem is that there can’t be government officials who run
businesses, including Hovik Abrahamyan. Of course, if we are
considering having a normal country.


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