Statement About An Attempting Of Arson On Shirak Branch Office Of Th


23:02, July 7, 2011

On July 6, 2011, in the morning at about 5 o’clock, some unknown
persons broke the glass through metal bars Shirak branch Gyumri
office window of the A.D.Sakharov Center for human rights protection
in Armenia, and ignited the window and window path with liquid fuel.

People living near the office saw the fire and called the fire service,
they took their own measures to extinguish a fire after which the fire
was extinguished. It was found out that significantly damaged some
of the property of the office training hall and the hall as a whole,
the repair cost of which exceeds 600,000 drams.

We all, undersigned organizations representatives of civil society
express concern over the attack and arson connected to this, we
condemn this attack and sauce of makers and implementers, noting
that this is not the first time, when these methods are used for
trying to intimidate or punish human rights protection defenders and
non-governmental organization.

The police must make every effort to discover the direct doers and
the men who ordered this crime, to ensure adequate publicity about
the process of the case as soon as possible.

We urge the authorities to condemn such violence and to assist the
Sakharov human rights organization and the office in Gyumri to continue
its normal activity.

Hope that Sakharov human rights organization and the office in Gyumri
will quickly overcome temporary difficulties, remaining so consistently
in protection of human rights, as they have been for 15 years.

1.Journalists’ Club “Asparez” 2.”Shirak Centre” NGO 3.”Biosophia”
NGO 4.”We Plus” Social NGO 5.”Khoran Ard” NGO 6.”Unison” NGO 7.”Arena
of Education” NGO 8.Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly Vanadzor office,
9.”Rights Information Center” NGO 10. “Arevamanuk” Center for Children
and adolescents care

11. Committee to Protect Freedom of Expression

12. Urban Foundation for Sustainable Development

13. Protection of Rights without Borders NGO

14. Yerevan Press Club

15. Community Initiatives and Advocacy Center NGO

16. “Victims of state needs” NGO

17. Transparency international anticorruption center

18. “Meghvik” NGO

19. Open Society Foundations-Armenia

20. “Full Life” NGO

21. Civil Society Institute NGO

22. “European integration” NGO

23. “Sacred land” BNGO

24. “Arax Center” BNGO

25. “Ani” disabled children NGO

26. Children society youth initiatives support center NGO

27. “Flora” Christian association of young women, NGO

28. “Azatan” community center of Azatan

29. “Million and half +1 Armenia Diaspora” Shirak Branch

30. “Agat” NGO, for women with special needs

31. “Likidon” art and moral-psychological development NGO

32. “Ajakic” NGO

33. “Leadership” NGO

34. “Health Center’~R rehabilitation NGO

35. “Aren” NGO

36. “Geophon” NGO

37. Gyumri young family supporting “Noyemi” NGO

38. “Gyumri development foundation” NGO

39. “Women developing center” NGO

40. “Gyumri Union of disabled people” NGO

41. “Guarantee” NGO

42. “Third Nature” NGO

43. “Fallen soldiers’ family” NGO

44. “Stability and progress” NGO

45. “Consultant” NGO

46. “Women for the future” NGO

47. “Women for the development” NGO

48. “Community Development and Social Support Center” NGO

49. “Armenian Karitas”

50. Armenia invalids “Pyunik” union Shirak branch NGO

51. “Meghvik” community development foundation NGO

52. “New generation” NGO

53. “Sirarpeni” NGO

54. “Gyumri progress” civil society development center

55. “Experimental cultural center” cultural analysis and development

56. Goris Journalists’ club “Radius”

57. “Association of Women with University Education” NGO

58. “Aarhus center of Dilijan”

59. Ecotourism Association

60. “Protection of consumers’ rights” NGO

61. Helsinki Committee of Armenia

62. “Yerevak” NGO

63. Helsinki Association

64. Community Union of Noyemberyan

65. Aarhus Center of Ijevan

66. “5th floor Art Group” NGO

67. “Center for Strategic Litigations” NGO

68. International Union of Black Sea NGOs (IUBS NGO)

From: A. Papazian

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