Newspaper: Criminal Neutralized By Armenian Police Has Turned Out To


Wednesday, June 22, 20:54

In fact, Arman Yengibaryan killed by the police near “Garegin Nzhdeh”
metro station in Yerevan on June 14 was not a criminal and was
not wanted, “Zhamanak” newspaper says. According to the newspaper,
Yengibaryan was the head of the Association of Cookery Specialists
and a constant guest of TV cookery shows. To recall, according to the
Police, Arman Yengibaryan (born in 1981) was wounded and detained by
the police near “Garegin Nzhdeh” metro station after he had tried to
enter one of the apartments in Yeghbayrutyan Street, having introduced
himself as an ArmWaterCanal employee, however, he caused the apartment
owners’ suspect, and they applied to the Police.

The young man tried to escape, however, the law-enforcers caught
up with him near the metro station and wounded him with a firearm
because the latter was shooting back from a gas gun. Yengibaryan was
taken to hospital and operated on. However, he died of the injuries.

In his interview with the newspaper, Arman’s father Sergey Yengibaryan
pointed out that on April 7 he participated in a TV show, and the
Police’s statements that his son had been wanted for 4 months were
absurd. In addition, he wonders why the police neutralize a man with
two shots, even if he is a criminal, moreover, the last shot was made
in the head, and the impression is that this was not a policeman,
but a killer.

For her part, Arman’s mother Bavakan Yengibaryan said that several
hours after Arman’s murder the police came to their place and started
asking them susceptible questions, such as whether Arman had previous
convictions, and received a negative answer. According to her, her
son had never had any problems with the police.

Against this background, the question why the cookery specialist
Yengibaryan decided to enter an unknown person’s apartment and
introduce himself as an ArmWaterCanal employee is hanging in the air.

In the meanwhile, the press service of the Police told ArmInfo
correspondent that within the frames of investigation of this
case, citizens who earlier underwent assault related to robbery
were summoned for questioning. They were residents of various
administrative communities of the Yerevan: Kentron, Arabkir,
Malatia-Sebastia. According to the Police, these people were shown
the photos of the potential culprits, among which they recognized

From: Baghdasarian

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