Armenian Delegates Boycott PACE Subcommittee Meetings


06:18 pm | Today | Politics

The Armenian delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council
of Europe (PACE) refused to participate in the meeting of the PACE
Subcommittee on Nagorno Karabakh, head of the Armenian delegation David
Harutyunyan announced on the first day of the PACE spring session.

“We find it useless to participate in the session and hear the same
unfounded accusations and propaganda. I think we have heard enough
already,” Harutyunyan said when substantiating the decision of the
Armenian delegates.

“We must take steps to restore confidence and begin negotiations
between the delegations in the presence of at least one mediator,”
Harutyunyan told A1+.

“As a first step, I propose to declare a unilateral moratorium and
urge Azerbaijan to accede to it,” the head of the Armenian delegation
announced at the PACE session.

However, the proposal was immediately rejected by the Azerbaijani

In her speech, Azerbaijani delegate Ganira Pashayeva, reminded PACE
delegates of “Azerbaijan’s occupied territories.”

We have warned numerous times that the revival of the PACE subcommittee
on Nagorno Karabakh as a measure to restore confidence between the
sides will not yield tangible results. We propose Azerbaijan to
abandon propaganda and demonstrate sober and wise position,” said
David Harutyunyan.

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