Armenian Air Force Can Get to Enemy’s Rear

Armenian Air Force Can Get to Enemy’s Rear

Story from News:

Published: 15:43:18 – 18/06/2011

The deputy chief of the Military Aviation Department, Colonel Armen
Lazarian said in a press conference today that the pilotless planes
which Azerbaijan periodically boasts of are means of reconnaissance
and the Armenian specialists are ready to counterattack.

Lazarian says the Armenian systems enable actions deep in the rear of
the enemy.

Artsrun Hovanisyan, a military expert, thinks Azerbaijani’s UAVs, as
well as their entire air force, have been intended for the purpose of
PR. He is convinced that Azerbaijan lacks specialists for most
Azerbaijani equipment.

Hovanisyan says the Azerbaijani pilots have no experience flying over
mountainous terrain, and training in Turkey does not correspond to
their needs in Turkey.

From: Baghdasarian