RA Prime Minister Meets Armenian Businessmen In London


JUNE 15, 2011

RA Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan, accompanied by Mayor of Yerevan
Karen Karapetyan, arrived today in London on a working visit.

Armenpress reports from London that the RA prime minister met today
some Armenian businessmen, who arrived in London from various states
of the world. During the meeting the prime minister said he is sure
the contacts among the Armenian businessmen from all over the world
will allow one to have some idea of the Armenian nation’s capacity
to meet challenges.

“We know that today we face quite serious challenges. This refers
not only to the Republic of Armenia, but also the whole Armenian
nation. I am sure together we can think what kind of joint projects
we can implement,” Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan said.

After the meeting with the businessmen Tigran Sargsyan will visit the
BBC headquarter and will give an interview to the BBC Russian Service.

Afterwards Tigran Sargsyan will attend the Buckingham Palace reception
and concert, dedicated to two benevolent projects – “Yerevan! My Love”,
which intends reconstruction of 4 buildings of historical-architectural
significance in Yerevan, and the project of preservation of Dumfries
Palace in southwest of Scotland.

UK’s Prince Charles and RA Ex-Prime Minister Armen Sargsyan took the
joint initiative to support the “Yerevan! My Love” project and the
preservation of Dumfries Palace. Continuing last year’s efficient
fundraising at Windsor Castle, this year such an event will be held
at the Buckingham Palace.

Ex-Prime Minister Armen Sargsyan said today at a news conference before
the meeting with the Armenian businessmen that their objective is not
only the promotion to the preservation and reconstruction of historical
buildings, but also “having establishments of social meaning in those
buildings”. Those establishments will support parentless and children
families that face financial issues.

“It is painful for me when without understanding we raise our hands
against any national value. If such an attitude existed here in
England, many beautiful buildings, such as the Houses of Parliament,
would not exist and some skyscrapers would be available instead.

Yerevan is a city of three thousand years, but how many buildings of
three hundred years we have?” he said.

Within the framework of “Yerevan! My Love” program the construction of
three buildings in the territory of Surb Hovhannes Church of Yerevan
has already started. One of the buildings is a center for mother and
child care, the next one is a clinic for deaf children, and the third
one is a kindergarten for socially unprovided families’ children.

Armen Sargsyan said he will visit Yerevan late June and will discuss
with the mayor of Yerevan the list of the buildings to be constructed
within the framework of the program.

Mayor Karen Karapetyan said the Municipality of Yerevan will do its
best to support the program. “This is a very good idea, and some
serious philosophy can be promoted within its framework,” he said.

From: Baghdasarian

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