Waiting For Serzh Sargsyan’s Decision


Story from Lragir.am News:

Published: 12:29:52 – 02/06/2011

We asked Republican Member of Parliament Hovhannes Sahakyan if the
authorities are ready for dialogue.

It is up to Serzh Sargsyan to decide to start dialogue or not, as
well as the nomination of members of the government delegation. The
opposition has changed its rhetoric and we are can prove to the world
that we can engage in real dialogue in accordance with the rules of
democracy. We have stated for many times that we accept dialogue but
it must not be based on demands and ultimatums. A dialogue should be
aimed at finding the best solution to the issues the nation and the
country are facing. If demands and ultimatums are heard during the
dialogue, we will have to return to ground zero. I do not think the
opposition will speak the language of ultimatums.

The agenda of the opposition is clear, snap elections. What are the
issues on the agenda of the authorities?

I can state for sure there will be no issue of snap elections on the
government’s agenda because there are no internal and external premises
for snap elections. Ter-Petrosyan’s speech made it clear that other
related issues should also be discussed. And if these issues are not
solved jointly, the Congress will have to demand snap elections.

Who will be included in the government’s delegation to dialogue with
the opposition? Members of Serzh Sargsyan administration, Republicans,
or coalition partners?

The coalition is also part of the government headed by President
Serzh Sargsyan. But I cannot answer this question until the format
of the dialogue is not defined.

Do the coalition partners agree with the dialogue? When the signs of
dialogue became obvious, the Bargavach Hayastan Party announced it
would run in the election alone and the Orinats Yerkir Party expects
apology from the Congress for mocking at them when they joined the

You should ask them about it. But regarding the Bargavach Hayastan
Party I have to say that Serzh Sargsyan never forces others to run in
elections with us. If they have decided to run separately, it’s all
right. The memorandum on coalition does not impose anything on anyone.

I am sure the coalition is united. No decision on the format of
participation in the dialogue has been taken, so let’s wait for Serzh
Sargsyan’s decision.


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