Ccaf Met With President Sarkozy


Jean Eckian

On Wednesday, May 4 the French Senate will examine the bill penalizing
denial of Armenian genocide. The question was brought up by the
Socialist Party.

However, following the French government statements indicating that it
does not support this bill, a major concern was spread in the ranks
of the Armenian community, relayed by the French press noting the
“anger of the Armenians”.

Despite the support of the majority of the Socialist party, communists
and some senators of UMP, the watchword of government may block
the adoption of the bill. For this reason the delegation of the
Coordination Council of Armenian Organizations in France (CCAF)
met with President Sarkozy on Saturday.

The Head of the French State indicated to the representatives of
the CCAF, Mourad Papazian and Ara Toranian that ‘the government will
leave the Senate free to determine its vote, without instruction by
the presidential majority’, reiterating his commitment to the need
of fighting denial of the Armenian genocide in France.

The delegation included the former minister Patrick Devedjian
and the president’s son Jean Sarkozy, as well as Levon Sayan, the
representative of Charles Aznavour.

Earlier on April 27, the Hurriyet had reported that a Turkish
delegation was coming to Paris to make pressure on the French senators.

On May 4, the Armenians will hold a demonstration in front of the
French Senate.

Story from News:

Published: 11:22:48 – 02/05/2011

From: A. Papazian

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