Ombudsman Is Concerned Over Property Rights In Armenia


Armenia’s Human Rights Defender has released a statement in which
he expresses his concerns over the situation with property rights in
the country.

In the statement published in the website of Armenia’s Human Rights
Office, Karen Andreasyan says that currently there are around twenty
lawsuits against Armenia filed at the European Court of Human Rights.

Out of all those lawsuits in case of four the court has ruled against
the Republic of Armenia.

“This is worrisome, first of all in terms of the protection of property
rights of the citizens of the Republic of Armenia,” he mentioned.

“But it is important also in the sense that such cases negatively
affect Armenia’s international prestige,” he said, adding that those
citizens whose rights are violated should immediately turn to the
relevant bodies, including the Ombudsman’s office.

In two other similar statements released early in the week Karen
Andreasyan referred to social rights and the right to peaceful

Andreasyan conditionally divided the violations related to property
right in groups which refer to complaints against the State Committee
of the Real Property Cadastre at the Republic of Armenia (SXRPC),
improper implementation of official duties by the Judicial Acts
Compulsory Service which has not contributed to exercising of people’s
rights to property.

From: A. Papazian

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