Who Was Above Khachikyan


Story from Lragir.am News:

Published: 11:44:54 – 22/03/2011

Vazgen Khachikyan, who has headed the system of distribution of
pensions and family benefits for long years, is waiting for June, when
his fate will be decided. The power will decide in this period whether
to sue Vazgen Khachikyan or not. In answer to reporters’ question
whether Khachiikyan will have to bear criminal responsibility,
Chairman of the Control Chamber Ishkhan Zakaryan said that Serge
Sargsyan instructed to check the whole system until June and then,
after having a full image, it will be possible to say yes or no.

June is a noteworthy month. During his recent speeches, Serge Sargsyan
mentioned the May-June period as a deadline when the nation will see
the results of changes. Apparently, Khachikyan may be sued as one of
the results. He is not excluded not to be alone. After all, the point
is about tremendous abuses, and Khachikyan would have hardly been
allowed to abuse so much alone. So, perhaps it is necessary to
formulate the question in this way: will any high-ranking official go
to court with Khachikyan or will the name of any official be mentioned
in this process?

Hardly, because above Khachikyan’s rank, there are few officials –
ministers, Prime Minister and President. Khachikyan worked with Prime
Ministers Andranik Margaryan, Serge Sargsyan and Tigran Sargsyan and
with presidents Robert Kocharyan and Serge Sargsyan. Did he pocket so
much money in front of their eyes? Did they not notice, or maybe they
did not want to notice, these abuses, and now when the society needs
bread and scenes, the power decided to sacrifice Khachikyan for this
important issue?

Maybe, they decided to postpone the decision until June to clean all
the traces and the possibilities to mention names of high-ranking

What happened in the social allocations system is mildly speaking
outrageous. But the question occurs what all prime ministers and
presidents were thinking? And would they ever think anything if the
county did not have to live counting each penny now?

The point is that if previously the power allowed money to flow to the
middle and lower circles, now, it is possible to give it up, because
the money is hardly enough only for the higher ranks. Plus, it is a
good opportunity for responsibility shows.

Sure, Khachikyan has to answer, but also, all those officials, under
whom Khachikyan worked, have to answer too. They have to answer for
example to the question what they were doing so many years, when
Khachikyan kept pocketing that money.

From: A. Papazian


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