BAKU: US-Azerbaijan relations and NK occupation discussed at US Cong

Today, Azerbaijan
March 26 2011

US-Azerbaijan relations and Nagorno-Karabakh occupation by Armenia
discussed at the US Congress seminar organized by Azerbaijani Diaspora

26 March 2011 [14:18] – Today.Az

The US-Azerbaijan relations and Nagorno-Karabakh occupation by
Armenia have been discussed at the US Congress seminar, organized by
Azerbaijani Diaspora.

Three Azerbaijani Parliament members -Dr. Asim Mollazade, Dr. Rasim
Musabekov and Jeyhun Osmanli as well as Diaspora leaders Dr. Adil
Bagirov and Bedir Memmedli spoke about the matters.

Political analysts and officials have also been discussed the main
challenges towards regional peace and stability.

According to Mr. Musabeyov, “the prospects of Nagorno-Karabakh peace
settlement still exist”.

“We want to believe Armenia will take definite steps to resolve the
conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh”, Mr. Mollazade added.

“We also do hope that the US will continue its policy of responding to
its national interests, rather than the interests of the Armenian
Diaspora, which is closely linked with the world of crime and
terrorism”, the Azerbaijani MP’s mentioned.

The speakers also raised the issue of recent tragic case on the front
line, when a small register of Orta Gervend village of Agdam a 9 years
old child was killed in the result of the ceasefire violation by
Armenian snipers.

“I do not rule out that this is the purposeful action of the part of
Armenian militarists, who do not accept the peaceful settlement and
liberation of the occupied lands and even use open provocations for
this”, Musabeyov pointed out.

US-Azerbaijan cooperation and allied relations in a changing world
also will be discussed with same lecturers at the Conference on
Azerbaijan at the University of Maryland–College Park, on March,



From: A. Papazian

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