Georgy Petrosyan Conducts Meetings In Washington


FEBRUARY 28, 2011

On February 25, within the frames of the visit to Washington, Minister
of Foreign Affairs of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic Georgy Petrosyan
visited the Embassy of the Republic of Armenia in the United States
of America. After the meeting with the Embassy staff, a private talk
with RA Ambassador Tatul Margaryan took place.

NKR MFA Press Service reported that later, the head of the NKR
Foreign Office met with Executive Director of the Armenian Assembly of
America Brian Arduni and the organization staff. Issues related to the
Karabakh conflict and negotiation process, as well as to the life of
the Armenian communities of Diaspora were discussed during the meeting.

On February 26, Georgy Petrosyan had a meeting with Head of the
Washington Hay Dat Office Aram Hambaryan. Current situation of the
Karabakh conflict settlement negotiation process, as well as issues,
related to different spheres of life of Artsakh and regional problems
were discussed during the meeting. The NKR Foreign Minister presented
Karabakh’s official stance on some issues.

Georgy Petrosyan visited the Armenian churches of St. Mariam and St.

Cross, attended the service, and then talked to the clergymen and
representatives of the Armenian community. The NKR Foreign Minister
made a speech at St. Cross Church, during which he presented
to the members of the Armenian community the NKR stance on the
Azerbaijani-Karabakhi conflict and noted the necessity to unite the
efforts of Armenia, Diaspora and Artsakh for a fair solution of the
Karabakh problem. The Head of the NKR Foreign Office answered the
questions the members of the Armenian community were interested in.

During the visit, NKR Permanent Representative to the USA Robert
Avetisyan accompanied the NKR Foreign Minister.

From: A. Papazian

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