Armenian Armed Forces Conclude 2010 With New Achievements


Defence Professionals

Dec 21 2010

As a result of the cooperation between the air-defence forces of
the Armenian Armed Forces and the Russian 102 military station in
Armenia, a joint air-defence commanding center was opened. The center
is capable of precisely locating the dangers to the air borders due
to the ultramodern equipment and control the penetration of targets
the air targets in a systemized manner.

Armenian Defence Minister Seyran Ohanyan was also present at the
opening ceremony of the joint air-defence commanding center.

Underlining the importance or the opening, Seyran Ohanyan mentioned
that this is a new qualitative level of military cooperation between
Armenia and Russia, which shows the strategic nature of the relations
between the two countries.

Minister also took part in the opening ceremony of opening of military
facilities in one of the Armenian Armed Forces air-defence units, where
he observed the garrison conditions and the work of the super-precise
S-300 zenith-rocket system.

Minister Ohanyan also visited one of the military industrial
enterprises and observed the working conditions in the newly built
industrial military plane repair unit.

MoD Department of Information and Public Affairs

From: A. Papazian

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