BAKU: Azerbaijani, Armenian Presidents May Sign Declaration In Astan

Nov 30 2010

Russia is assisting the Karabakh conflict settlement as one of
the three co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group, as well as in its
national quality, considering good special relations with Armenia
and Azerbaijan.

Russian President Dmitriy Medvedev is personally dealing with this
issue’, said Russian FM Sergey Lavrov in the interview of the Voice
of Russia.

According to the Foreign Minister, he has already held seven or eight
meetings with the Azerbaijani and Armenian president, during which
a serious attempt was taken to understand the preserved differences
and overcome discrepancies in positions.

‘Its aim is to work out the first collective and comprehensive
document called “Main principles of resolution”, which could laid
the main directions of work over the preparation of already the peace
agreement as a legally binding final document. Understanding has been
reached on the majority of principles, which could ly the foundation
of the resolution. But serious problems still remain unsolved.

We are working in a close contact with American and French, as well
as the Russian co-chairs in the Minsk Group. They met Armenian and
Azerbaijani leadership in Astana. They have the instruction to try to
prepare a declaration which could be signed by Baku and Yerevan and the
co-chairs by the summit in Astana. I hope it will come true. We have
recently observed a relative silence on the contact line in the region.

But so far I cannot say that we will manage to attain a real
breakthrough at the summit in Astana in what is related to resolution.

This is a very huge work. It is associated with the need to reconcile
the sometimes diametrically differing positions of the parties and
this work does not bear haste. If the summit in Astana promotes
further progress, this will be a serious achievement’.

From: A. Papazian

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