On Wikileaks Allegations


29 Nov 2010

When the world community is having economic and political crisis, it
is the right time for scandals of international level. The Wikileaks
is certainly the result of the home political struggle in the United
States, which is self-evident in a tough home political struggle,
however, it is also self-evident that among the participants of the
project there are countries which are close partners of the United

They mentioned the Caucasus as well, which necessitates the expression
of a certain opinion on this. My friends from the analytical community
of several western countries are drawing attention to the fact that
despite the presence of several real materials evident falsifications
related to the key scandalous and attractive events in international
politics are being published.

I would like to note that among the Wikileaks materials there is a
certain material which I had made at the request of one of the key
British advisory organizations. However, at that time I presented it in
the form of a debate, proposals and analysis rather than an allegation,
in a rather moderate analytical mode. This is not the first time I
witnessed examples of such high-level falsification which are issued
in the form of texts, with only slight stylistic changes.

It should be noted that this job is being done by a team of skilled
analysts, and some of them are well-aware of the regional materials. I
do not dare to insist but I think I even know one of these analysts
quite well. Well done, boy, once again made money on falsification.

There is something to learn from him.

Interestingly, this material is in the form of an official document
which means it is intended to undermine certain political processes,
which is of positive importance for the national priorities of Armenia,
nevertheless the Wikileaks documents must be slightly revised.

One way or another, this is a clear brunt for the Obama administration
but disclosure of certain circumstances will hardly shatter the
national interests of the United States.

From: A. Papazian

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