Mediators on Karabakh discuss format of Astana meeting, Armenia
Nov 27 2010

Mediators on Karabakh discuss format of Astana meeting

November 27, 2010 | 11:49

`We consider that Presidents of Azerbaijan and Armenia will
participate in the OSCE summit. We should not expect result of their
meeting in Astana. The format of the meeting is being discussed but it
would be clear by the summit,’ Russian Co-Chair Igor Popov said after
his arrival in Baku from Yerevan, reported.

As reported earlier, on November 25-16 the mediators on
Karabakh visited the region. Diplomats held meetings with Foreign
Ministers and Presidents of Armenia and Azerbaijan.

After the Yerevan meeting the Minsk Group Co-Chairs Igor Popov and
Robert Bradtke returned to Baku to inform the Azerbaijani side of the
talks with Armenia.

French Co-Chair Bernard Fassier left for Paris where he will inform
French leadership of the negotiation process on resolution of the
Karabakh conflict.

The OSCE summit is scheduled for December 1-2 in Astana. The meeting
between Armenian and Azerbaijani Presidents is planned.

From: A. Papazian

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