AYF Camp Haiastan Enjoys Broad Based Support

by Joshua Tevekelian

Mon, Nov 22 2010

2010 Camp fundraiser party

FRANKLIN, Mass.-On a normal summer day between early July and
mid-August when most people are trying hard to protect themselves from
the oppressive humidity that grips central Massachusetts, there is a
campground in a small town 45 miles west of Boston that is thankful
for every sunny day, humid or dry. The staff is thankful for every
camper, the Board of Directors thankful for every supportive parent,
and the community is thankful for every effort of the many that have
brought the camp to life over the last 60 years.

Camp Haiastan is nestled in Franklin, Mass., a town that has served
the Armenian community worldwide and a place that many Armenian
children fondly claim is their “home away from home”. An oasis of
cultural and educational experiences for those wanting to get in
touch with their ethnic roots, the camp has been a mainstay in the
Boston area, reaching children from all over the world and creating
lifetime bonds that have spurned a commitment and loyalty unlike
other camping institutions. This loyalty and commitment has been
illustrated and proven through the numerous “house parties” that the
camp initiated in 2010 with the assistance of a unique network of
appreciative supporters.

The house parties of 2010 were specifically geared towards building
an endowment fund for the future of Camp Haiastan. The Board of
Directors reached out to its greatest supporters to help kick off
the fundraising for the endowment campaign with the hope that it
would security to the camp and ensure its future operation. The call
went out, and the response was immediate and positive. In 2010, Camp
Haiastan, with the help of many, was able to host seven house parties,
including venues in Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island,
and Pennsylvania. Additional parties are being planned for this fall.

As of September 2010, Camp Haiastan has raised more than $60,000
to bolster its endowment campaign. Thanks to the generosity of our
host families, the gatherings have been well attended, informative,
and have allowed the camp to disseminate important and relevant
information about its needs and operations.

Special thanks are extended to our host families Will and Nikki
(Berberian) Whittlesey, Greg and Carol (Boloian) Minassian, Michael
and Susan (Shahtanian) Guzelian, Mark and Susan (Shamlian) Pogharian,
Cordsel Technologies and Friends, Armen and Mary (Karakelian)
Boyadjian, Robert and Kim (Chantikian) Kachikian, and Jason and Nora
(Manjikian) Simonian.

The camp is grateful for all of the grass roots support it receives
from the community and realizes that the challenges are many as it
continues to grow its operation and strive to provide our youth with
a safe, educational, and fun camping experience. “Through community
support and continual growth of our endowment fund, we hope to further
exemplify the commitment we as a community and a people have towards
furthering the goals of not only the AYF, but the aspirations of
Armenians all over, be it educational, cultural, or simply social,”
says Michael Guzelian, Board chairman. “It’s a large undertaking,
but one that we know will pay huge benefits for many years to come.”

If you or anyone you know is interested in assisting the camp in
growing its endowment fund through a donation or the hosting of an
event, you can contact the camp’s executive director Roy Callan at
(508) 520-1312. Camp Haiastan is a 501(C)3 charity and relies of the
generosity of the community for support. Your individual support is
greatly appreciated and of the utmost importance.

From: A. Papazian


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