Turkey Will Recognize Armenian Genocide Some Day, Polish Ambassador


Nov 18 2010

Turkey has yet to pass a long way to be admitted to the European Union
(EU), Polish Ambassador to Armenia Zdzislaw Raczynski told journalists
Nov. 18.

According to him, Turkey’s admission to the EU would complicate a
number of issues. Specifically, Turkey is a state from a problematic
region, with a culture and religion different from that of the EU
member-states. Before being admitted to the EU, Turkey will have to
settle the problem of its relations with Armenia. First of all, this
means assessing its past, as many of the EU member-states, including
Poland, have recognized the Armenian Genocide, the diplomat said.

Ambassador Raczynski believes that Turkey will sooner or later
recognize the Armenian Genocide. It may happen in 50 or 100 years,
but the Turkish Premier will some day lay flowers at the monument to
Armenian Genocide victims.

Before being admitted to the EU, Turkey will have to reopen borders
with Armenia. However, this problem will be solved much earlier
than that of Genocide recognition. Closed border in modern world
is nonsense, the Polish Ambassador said. “We are removing borders
thereby opening up opportunities for relations,” he said.

As regards Armenian-Turkish relations, Ambassador Raczynski said that
the current problems are to a great extent the result of Turkey’s
domestic political problems. According to him, Turkey underestimated
Azerbaijan, as well as its supporters inside Turkey.

From: A. Papazian

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