C. Zatulin: Military base deployment treaty ratification necessary t

Panorama, Armenia
Nov 10 2010

C. Zatulin: `In the context of regional peace the military base
deployment treaty ratification is necessary to accelerate.’

`I’ve always hailed the normalization process and have never
encouraged halts and withdrawals,’ Russian State Duma deputy
Constantine Zatulin told Panorama.am speaking about OSCE Minsk Group
activities and Karabakh conflict resolution process.
Constantine Zatulin arrived in Yerevan involved in Russian State Duma
delegation to attend the meeting of inter-parliamentary committee of
Armenian-Russian cooperation.

According to Russian diplomat, the violation of ceasefire regime
mostly recorded because of Azerbaijani side, first of all harms the
status-quo and is a serious threat for the regional peace and the
mediators’ efforts should be guided by the protection of negotiating

Mr. Zatulin said he has always held his own monitoring and currently
he is alarmed by the tensions of the recent months. `Though OSCE MG
co-chairs are involved and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev takes
initiative of organizing meetings between Serzh Sargsyan of Armenia
and Ilham Aliyev of Azerbaijan the situation remains alarming and
distressing,’ C. Zatulin said.

All the sides engaged in this process, including the mediators, State
Duma deputies and international community are interested in peace
though, according to the deputy, one party declares the conflict may
be settled through military activities. `I would like to remind that
Armenia and Russia have strong partnership relations, based on CSTO
treaty, as well as Russian military headquarters.’

In the context of regional peace, Russian official said, the military
base deployment deal ratification is necessary to accelerate.

From: A. Papazian

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