BAKU: Turkish MP Says Armenia Should Ask For Forgiveness From Azerba



Nov 3 2010

Day.Az interview with member of the Great National Assembly of Turkey
(Parliament) Saffet Kaya from the ruling Justice and Development Party.

Is it possible to open the Armenia-Turkey border without a just
solution to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict?

Armenia should immediately withdraw from Azerbaijan’s occupied
territories. Armenia should take a serious step in this regard. It
should respect UN resolutions on Karabakh conflict and de-occupy
Azerbaijan’s lands. These lands belong to Azerbaijan and this is
historical truth. Opening of the Armenia-Turkey border is impossible
without a just solution to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. This is
Turkey’s position. We are one nation and two states. It is very
important. Azerbaijan is a fraternal country for us. Azerbaijan’s
interests are our interests. Therefore, I repeat, Turkey will not open
the borders with Armenia as long as it leaves occupied Azerbaijani

How do you assess current year in terms of normalization of the
Armenia-Turkey relations? Who lost more this year?

We know one thing – interests of states are always present in
relationship between neighbors, especially in foreign policy.

Naturally, Turkey does not lose anything from the fact that the
Armenian-Turkish relations are not normalized. Armenia could reach
Europe through Turkey. But it is impossible until a just settlement to
the Karabakh conflict. If the Armenian-Turkish border is not opened,
Armenia will certainly lose from it. As you know, a lot of Armenian
citizens work abroad. Armenia is obliged to take measures to become
less dependent on the diaspora. It should develop its relations
with Turkey.

What Armenia should do to get the border opened? When the border
may open?

Naturally, it should withdraw from occupied lands of Azerbaijan without
any conditions. The border will open only after Armenia withdraws from
occupied lands and asks for forgiveness from Azerbaijan. It will help
develop relations between the two countries.

How can you comment on provocations perpetrated by the Armenian side
on the frontline every day, which results in death of soldiers of
the Azerbaijani army?

Armenia should give up provocations because Karabakh belongs to

From: A. Papazian

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