Turkey Removes Armenia from, Adds Israel to `Threat’ List

Turkey Removes Armenia from, Adds Israel to `Threat’ List

Sat, Oct 30 2010
By:Armenian Weekly

ANKARA, Turkey (A.W.) – Earlier this week, Turkey’s National Security
Council (MGK) approved changes in its National Security document,
removing Armenia from, and adding Israel to the list of countries that
pose a `major threat’ to Turkey.

Iran, Syria, Georgia, and Bulgaria were also removed from the `major
threat’ list.

In addition to referring to it as a threat, the document accuses
Israel of driving the entire region into an arms race.

Other threats that were added to the list are global warming and online terror.

The document, also referred to as `The Red Book,’ informs the
country’s policy towards its neighbors, and is generally revised every
five years.

The relations between Turkey and Israel have deteriorated in recent
months. Most recently, Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan said he would
boycott a climate conference in Athens if Israel’s Prime Minister
Benjamin Netanyahu attends.

From: A. Papazian

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