Collegium Meeting Devoted to the Defence Reforms

Collegium Meeting Devoted to the Defence Reforms


On the 22nd of October, 2010 in the ARM MoD a collegium meeting took
place devoted to the process of the defence reforms, the present
issues and the ways of solving them.
In his opening speech ARM MoD Seyran Ohanyan stated that the aim of
the ARM Defence Reforms is to create a more flexible and modern
defence system based on the basic principles of democracy for civil
control and defence planning and management, which will meet the
modern military demands. Meanwhile, the ARM Minister of Defence
underlined the importance of strengthening the strategic resistance
system in order to continue the peace imposing policy by the ARM AF.
Seyran Ohanyan also talked about the necessity of improving the public
awareness mechanisms on defence policy.
During the collegium meeting ARM First Deputy Minister Davit Tonoyan
made a main speech, presenting the outcomes of the present phase of
the defence reforms and the future work. In order to assure a
long-term development for the ARM AF Mr. Tonoyan emphasized the
necessity of the reforms in the military education sector.
In his speech Chief of the ARM AF Strategic Planning Department
Colonel G. Tavaratsyan touched upon the issues of the AF troop
structure reforms and operative reaction capacity development, stating
the work to be done in the near future.
During the meeting representatives of a number of other sectors also
made speeches, and an exchange of ideas was carried out. Summing up
the outcomes of the meeting Seyran Ohanyan gave an overall positive
evaluation to the work done in the previous phase of the defence
reforms, and the heads of the ARM MoD and AF GS relevant structures
were given orders and directions to put the main emphasize on staff
policy and planning, programming and budgeting system in order to
properly continue the defence reforms.

RA MoD Department of Information and Public Affairs

From: A. Papazian

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