"Nakhichevan Will Become A Subject Of Discussions"


18 Oct 2010

“We are no longer surprised at Azerbaijani President’s statements. The
last statement is not exclusion,” said Ashot Grigoryan, President of
the Forum of Armenian Associations of Europe (FAAE).

“Speaking at a meeting of NATO in Bratislava a few years ago, Aliyev
Junior said, “Armenians live in many countries of the world. Can you
imagine them demanding independence for their communities in those
countries?” Due to the lack of analytical mind, Mr. Aliyev is unable
to realize that the right of Artsakh people to self-determination
cannot be confused with the rights of Armenian communities in other
countries,” Ashot Grigoryan said in a statement.

“In 1918-1920, the tribe Kara-Koyunlu captured those territories
and established its statehood thanks to Bolsheviks. The tribe also
received Nakhichevan as a gift.

Ethnic cleansing and cultural genocide carried out in Nakhichevan over
the past 100 years have become a subject of international discussions.

Azerbaijan will undoubtedly answer for its misdeeds. I promise that
FAAE will do its utmost to expose the ethnic cleansing and cultural
genocide of Nakhichevan,” reads the statement.

From: A. Papazian

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