Shanghai Expo Marks Armenia Pavilion Day


Armenia celebrated its National Pavilion Day on Tuesday at Shanghai
Expo 2010 with the official unavailing of its pavilion titled,
“City of the World.”

Attended by Armenian Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan, the event came
on the 19th anniversary of Armenia’s independence from the Soviet
Union and featured a special performance titled “Armenia: The Art of
Creation,” reports

According to official statistics from Shanghai Expo, more than 20,000
people visit the Armenian Pavilion daily. Of the more than 53 million
people that have visited the Expo, more than 2 million have been to
the Armenian pavilion.

The Armenian delegation also visited the Armenian and Chinese
pavilions at the exhibition. Over 2m of more than 53m people that
have visited the Shanghai ExPo – 2010 exhibition have taken interest
in the Armenian pavilion. The steering committee gave a high mark to
the Armenian pavilion and its computer version.

According to the Shanghai Expo 2010 website, the pavilion invited
architects around the world to submit designs for their ideal city.

Models are exhibited in the center of the pavilion.

“Armenia calls itself the motherland of the apricot and the pavilion
features an Apricot Garden. Visitors can taste various delicacies,
while listening to music of a flute made from apricot wood. The
‘Gold and Silk’ exhibition covers China-Armenia trading history,”
said the Shanghai Expo website.

“Our country wakes up every morning to see the biblical Ararat. Ararat
is first of all a symbol of revival. Now, after the global financial
crisis, it is obvious for us the world cannot be the same as it was
before. It must change. In different parts of the world people are
seeking to form a new world order. Our principal slogan today must be
our duty to create a new world together. That is the reason for our
idea of New City, which will not only present our notions of a dialogue
between civilizations, but also create opportunities for all the
people to take part in the constriction,”Prime Minister Sargsyan said.

According to him, Shanghai ExPo – 2010 is an opportunity “for
cooperation and a civilized dialogue.” Sargsyan went so far as to
extend a call to global developers to build a new city in “the land
of Ararat” to “open a new chapter in the human civilization’s history.”

From: A. Papazian

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