Levon Shirinyan `Surb Khach not about democracyy, but about business

Levon Shirinyan, `Conduction of liturgy in Surb Khach is not an
attempt of looking democratic, but a pure business program’

YEREVAN, SEPTEMBER 11, ARMENPRESS: The Turkish authorities have
allowed the September 19 liturgy in Surb Khach Church not taking into
consideration `holy goals’ but for implementation of business.
Political analyst Levon Shirinyan told today Armenpress, adding that
Turkey is a country which implements genocide once in a decade without
thinking what the others will say about that. Hence, according to him,
conduction of liturgy in Surb Khach is not an attempt of looking
democratic, but a pure business program.

`Currently the Kurdish element has been quite activated in West
Armenia, for suppressing of which Turkey is undertaking the activation
of the Turkish element in the same territory,’ the political analyst
said, adding that if many Armenians travel to participate in the
liturgy and activate the Turkish business in that territory, they will
only support in realization of Turkish goals in that way. `In my
opinion, we must not participate in that event, even if a cross was
placed on the dome of the church, but I am sure that the cross will
never be placed, as Turkey is a country living with Kemali secular
laws,’ Mr. Shirinyan said, adding that it is high time of
`all-national boycott’.

Referring to the position of the patriarchate of Constantinople in
these events, the political analyst said that we must remember that
Constantinople-Armenians are held captive in the hand of Turkey; that
is why it manages to speculate their factor. `We must understand them,
too, and not allow exceedingly critical expressions in their address,’
the political analyst stressed.

From: A. Papazian

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