BAKU: Turkish, Russian Presidents Discuss Ties

Aug 24 2010

Medvedev, Gul Abdullah Gul and Dmitriy Medvedev have discussed
bilateral relations and regional issues in a telephone conversation.

No information was available about the content of the discussions,
although a statement from the president’s office said the phone
conversation, which took place on Monday morning, was “comprehensive”.

The two presidents discussed bilateral relations, the situation in the
South Caucasus and other regional issues, according to the statement.

Turkey signed protocols with its Caucasus neighbour Armenia last year
to normalize relations, severed since 1993, when Ankara closed its
border and cut diplomatic ties with Yerevan in a show of solidarity
with its regional ally Azerbaijan during an Armenian-Azerbaijani war
over the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region. The normalization efforts,
however, are at a standstill amid mutual accusations that each side
is trying to modify the agreement.

They also discussed recent fires in Russia, triggered by the country’s
worst heat wave in 130 years. Dozens of people were killed in thousands
of wildfires that raged across the country for weeks. Gul extended
condolences to Medvedev, while Medvedev thanked Gul for Turkey’s help
in efforts to battle the fires.

From: A. Papazian

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