Lake Sherwood Resident Pens Book On Marriage

By Philip Allmen

Aug 13 2010

With 59 years of marriage under his belt to Marguerite, George
Mouradian thinks he knows a thing or two about the subject.

But when he wrote Guideline to Your Magical Marriage, he wanted to
make sure he knew even more.

“It’s not just my own experience,” he said. “I looked up the experts
to see what they have to say. Still, there’s no guarantee. Not even
all them have lasting marriages.”

Mouradian is a well-published author, too, although this was his first
venture into less technical subject matter. He’s written several books
related to engineering from the time he worked for AM General. He’s
also penned several works on Armenian history.

Like with those books, the focus of Guideline to Your Magical Marriage
is his effort to making things better, easier for others.

“I wanted to help somebody, especially newlyweds,” said the Lake
Sherwood resident.

Mouradian reminds readers that everything in the book should also be
taken with a grain of salt.

“These are recommendations. Take them for what they’re worth,” he
said. “But it’s loaded with all kinds for recommendations. It even
gets into Christian aspects of the thing.”

Faith isn’t necessarily required, although Mouradian said Christian
aspects and ideas complement various subjects in the book.

Ultimately, a successful marriage boils down to communication. No
marriage can be flawless, he said, but if couples work together,
they can approach it.

“People should talk to each other. If you hold it inside you, it just
builds up and your mate doesn’t know what’s bothering you,” Mouradian
explained. “No marriage is what you call perfect. Couples argue with
each other. We still do, but we don’t get mad at each other. You
can approach the magic, but probably never really get the magic,
I suppose.”

The book includes planning for marriage, communication between couples,
compatibility, health, stress, finances, Hollywood and TV, continuous
improvement, raising children, causes of divorce, retirement and
Christian principles.

Possible pitfalls are presented with explanations on how to cope with
them. The book covers the mundane and tedious times of a marriage that
couples may often experience, but more encouragingly the enchanting
and captivating aspects of a marriage.

Guideline to Your Magical Marriage is published through Publish
America, which Mouradian said he found through a friend. The book
retails online ()

From: A. Papazian

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