Armenian-Russian strategic and military cooperation at new level, Armenia
July 31 2010

Armenian-Russian strategic and military cooperation at new level,
Armenian MP says

July 31, 2010 | 13:31

Amendments to the agreement on the Russian military base in Armenia is
evidence of a rising level of Armenian-Russian military and strategic
cooperation, Aram Safaryan, Secretary of the Prosperous Armenia Party,
Co-Chairman of the Armenian-Russian parliamentary commission Aram
Safaryan told

According to him, the amendments will raise Armenia’s security level
and improve stability in the region.

As regards the point that the agreements will be in effect for 49
years and will be regularly prolonged for the following five years,
Safaryan said that it is a step to long-term peace and security
guarantees in the region. It is a final answer to the question: will
Armenian-Russian military cooperation be in effect in case of
aggression against Armenia?

As to whether long-term deployment of military bases in this
constantly changing world is justified, Safaryan pointed out that the
agreement does not prevent Armenia from implementing its foreign
policy in other aspects, as Armenia stated its readiness to contribute
to the development of dialogue in the South Caucasus. On the other
hand, Armenia’s participation in joint projects under Armenia-NATO
individual partnership plan (IPAP) is increasing year by year.

The agreement assigns Armenia a greater role in the Collective
Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) and allows the country to enjoy
full right to voice its opinion on regional problems. reminds readers that, under a draft protocol, amendments are
to be introduced to the agreement. According to the amendments,
besides defending Russia’s interests, the Russian military base in
Armenia will also ensure Armenia’s security jointly with the Armenian
armed forces. With this end in view, Russia is to assist Armenia in
getting modern arms and military equipment.

From: A. Papazian