1st Armenian Actuaries of International Level Receive Qualified Cert

First Armenian Actuaries of International Level Receive Qualified Certificates

YEREVAN, July 30./ARKA/.The first in Armenia actuaries of
international level received qualification certificates on completion
of professional courses organized by AED / USAID and the Central Bank
of Armenia on Thursday.

“We have initiated these courses in order to ensure the presence of
the Institute of Actuaries in the financial market of Armenia at the
proper level. We worked with the British Association of Actuaries,
which has provided us with the lecturers. Experts have shared with
our youth with knowledge and skills in the field of actuarial matters
in particular in the insurance market and the pension system,’ said
the deputy chairman of the Central Bank of Armenia Vache Gabrielyan.

The program for certification of Actuaries consisted of two elements –
ground and depth. Within each of these elements there were courses and
qualifying exams. An in-depth course may take part for learners who
passed the exams the first phase with positive evaluations.

The main part of the course was launched in May 2008 and ended in
February 2009.

The second, in-depth part of the course was held from February 2009 to
July 2010.
Gabrielyan explained that professional certification should not be
confused with high school education.

“The purpose of qualifying courses is to raise the specialists of this
sphere at the international level. We can safely say that the eight
young professionals have received certificates, hardly inferior to the
level of their colleagues from developed countries,” he said.

According to the deputy head of the Central Bank, another 15 people
received certificates of completion of the first phase of the course.
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From: A. Papazian

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