Architects Say Yerevan Loses Tamanyan’s Handwriting


JULY 27, 2010

YEREVAN, JULY 27, ARMENPRESS: According to Alexander Tamanyan’s city
plan, Yerevan must have left an impression of a town-garden, but
now not only the directions of the avenues have not been maintained,
but also the green parts are frequently met, Director of A. Tamanyan
Museum-Institute Hayk Tamanyan and Chairman of the Architects’
Union Mkrtich Minasyan stated today at a meeting with journalists,
stressing that still it is not late to go back to Tamanyan’s plan
and projects, otherwise Yerevan loses the handwriting of the great
architect. “Our climate is either extremely hot or cold, that is why
Tamanyan designed a town-garden a bit to smooth the climate thanks
to trees and green cover,” M. Minasyan said.

According to Hayk Tamanyan, the intended quantity of population,
the width of the streets and height of the buildings have not been
maintained as well. “The town has also undergone an ideological
turning. According to Tamanyan’s plan, Yerevan has a distinct
orientation – to Mountain Ararat, but today many new buildings are
not constructed according to this idea,” H. Tamanyan noted.

The chairman of the Architects’ Union expressed concern about the
ideological changes of Yerevan town, once more stressing that we must
regain the look and ideology of the town intended by Tamanyan’s plan.

A. Tamanyan started designing the plan still from 1919, where the
main stress was put on the circumstance that Yerevan streets must
stretch like sunrays – starting from the current Republican Square.

From: A. Papazian

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