Sharmazanov: ICJ Ruling Sheds Green Light on NK recognition process

Eduard Sharmazanov: The ruling of the International Court of Justice
spreads green light on international recognition process of Nagorno

YEREVAN, JULY 23, ARMENPRESS: On July 22, the International Court of
Justice has adopted a ruling, by which the independence of Kosovo has
been recognized legitimate. `This is an unprecedented decision. For
the first time the United Nations international court has given
priority to the self determination right of nations and not to the
right of territorial integrity,’ spokesman of the Armenian Republican
Party, NA member Eduard Sharmazanov told Armenpress. He also noted
that the court has adopted a decision on the basis of the norms of the
international law.

Commenting on how the mentioned decision may reflect on the Nagorno
Karabakh issue, E. Sharmazanov noted that it is true, they are
separate processes, but it can notably influence on Nagorno Karabakh
more than, for example, on Quebec or Basque country, as Artsakh has
more legal groundings to confirm its independence. `So, Aliyev’s
claims, according to which if there is an independent Armenia, then
why there must be independent Nagorno Karabakh with Armenian
population, blow up, as we see that there is an independent Albania in
Europe, and there is an independent Kosovo inhabited with Albanians,’
spokesman of the Republican Party added.

E. Sharmazanov noted that the ruling of the ICJ spreads green light on
the international recognition process of Nagorno Karabakh. `One cannot
swim against the flow of the river, and that flow today is in the
direction of the self-determination right of nations. The
international recognition of Nagorno Karabakh is not far away,’ the NA
member said.

From: A. Papazian

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