A. Safaryan: `The decision is an answer to Azerbaijan’s campaign’

Panorama, Armenia
July 23 2010

A. Safaryan: `The decision is an answer to Azerbaijan’s campaign’

The decision adopted by International Court of Hague, according to
Speaker of Prosperous Armenia Party Aram Safaryan, has two
significances. Its judicial significance is that in 21st century the
unilateral declaration of independence is approved and acceptable and
it corresponds to the norms of the international human rights.

`This is a judicial assessment having great significance for us, since
it has precedent,’ A. Safaryan told Panorama.am.

The second significance is its political assessment since the court’s
decision defines the international judicial community allows the
Albanians to have two states, which means the same nation can be
self-determined in two states:

`This gives answer to Azerbaijan’s statements that the Armenians have
once been self-determined, they have Armenia and their wish to be
self-determined second time is impossible.’
And the evidence according to the deputy is that the Turks have been
self-determined twice in Turkey and Azerbaijan and they have
unrecognized state ` North Cyprus.

`Thus those talks that the Armenians can’t get self-determined in two
states are absurd and have no judicial grounds.’

Regarding the issue how Kosovo’s precedent applicable in the
resolution of Karabakh conflict, A. Safaryan reminded that issue had
been officially settled in Armenia since 2005. To the question if that
precedent is applicable for the Karabakh conflict resolution, Safaryan
said: `Our talented experts of national security field have given
answers to that question ` it can be a precedent in the recognition of
NK independence,’ Deputy said.

Surely, those events are linked with the negotiations but that
precedent Armenia should use in international recognition of NK.

`Particularly, the fact that Kosovo’s unilateral declaration of
independence is recognized then NK self-determination approved by
referendum of 1991 is legal and permissible, should be stated in all
international organizations, scientific conferences and other
political meetings where Armenia is presented,’ NA Deputy told

To conclude, we asked if we could say Hague decision is pro-Armenian,
Safaryan said: `No, since a very delicate thing should be taken into
account ` Azerbaijan will start screaming how Kosovo and NK could be
linked, even more; Kosovo’s independence has been recognized by 69
countries, while neither recognize Artsakh independence.’

But still, the deputy said, it’s an ordinary campaign which in it
judicial view point is, surely, of great significance for Armenia.

From: A. Papazian

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