"Turkey Didn’t Wish To Go Further"


01:06 pm | July 13, 2010 | Official

On the first day of the working visit to Brussels, Chairman of the
RA National Assembly Hovik Abrahamyan had a meeting with President
of the Belgian Senate Armand de Decker.

The Chairman of Belgium’s Senate mentioned that Belgium attaches great
importance to the development of bilateral and multilateral relations
with Armenia and voiced hope that Hovik Abrahamyan’s next visit to
Brussels would be an official visit and reaffirmed his invitation.

Let us mention that Chairman of the RA National Assembly Hovik
Abrahamyan is the first high-ranking Armenian official to visit
Brussels after Belgium took the presidency of the European Union.

During the meeting, the parties discussed regional issues as well. Mr.
Abrahamyan presented Armenia’s approaches to the settlement of the
Karabakh conflict and relations with neighboring countries. The NA
Chairman stressed that Armenia has declared several times that the
conflict must be settled peacefully and Azerbaijan is impeding the
process with its bellicose statements. Abrahamyan expressed concern
that the international community is not giving an adequate evaluation
of Azerbaijan’s actions.

Touching upon the process of normalization of Armenian-Turkish
relations, Armand de Decker highly appreciated Armenia’s daring
and initiating policy on establishing relations with Turkey without
preconditions, mentioning that Turkey disappointed the European Union
by setting preconditions.

During the meeting, the parties discussed issues of bilateral interest
as well and in the end, the heads of both parliaments answered
journalists’ questions.

In response to the question on the normalization of Armenian-Turkish
relations Mr. Decker said: “I deeply regret that the active diplomacy
failed and it was Turkey’s fault for setting new conditions in relation
to Nagorno-Karabakh at the moment when it had to ratify the signed
Protocols. It is disappointing that Turkey didn’t wish to go further
in the normalization of relations with Armenia.”

Touching upon relations with Armenia, Mr. Decker said: “We would
like to deepen relations with Armenia within the frame of Belgium’s
EU presidency. We believe that those relations are fundamental for
Armenia and the European Union, which wishes to improve its relations
with a country with which it is linked due to an active community in
Europe, as well as political and strategic interests.”

On the same day, Chairman of the RA National Assembly Hovik Abrahamyan
had a meeting with deputies of the European Parliament, Co-Rapporteurs
on Armenia Thomas Poreba and Charles Tanok.

Mr. Poreba and Mr. Tanok assured that they would do everything possible
to present the European Parliament with impartial information about
Armenia and the Armenian side’s position. The parties considered
the presence of closed borders in Europe of the 21st century as

From: A. Papazian