Iskandaryan: Clinton Reaffirmed Madrid Principles Provision


July 7 2010

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s visit to Armenia specified
Washington’s position on Armenia-Turkey rapprochement and Nagorno
Karabakh negotiation process. Caucasus Institute Director Alexander
Iskandaryan told a press conference today.

According to the speaker, with her statements and private visit to
Tsitsernakaberd Cinton hinted Ankara that Washington expects active
steps in the process of normalization of relations with Yerevan.

According to the political scientist, Clinton clearly made understand
that the United States agrees with Armenia in that issue.

Speaking about Clinton’s statements on Nagorno Karabakh settlement Mr.

Iskandaryan noted that they do not differ from OSCE Minsk Group
co-chairs statements on resolving the problem on the basis of Madrid
principles. “They seek maintenance of the settlement format,” the
speaker said.

In response to correspondent’s question of whether Clinton’s
statement that the problem should be resolved “thanks to Karabakh
people’s, Armenia’s and Azerbaijan’s work” can imply that Washington
is for Nagorno Karabakh return to negotiating table, the political
scientist said that with the statement Clinton merely reaffirmed
Madrid principles provision that the problem should be resolved also
with Nagorno Karabakh people’s opinion taken into consideration.

“However, Nagorno Karabakh cannot be returned to negotiating table
since Azerbaijan’s position on the issue is harsh,” the speaker said.

Mr. Iskandaryan does not think that Secretary of State’s visit to
the region can promote serious developments.

“She just visited the former USSR region in which the United States
is interested,” Mr. Iskandaryan noted.

According to the speaker, Clinton’s visit cannot have an impact on the
Nagorno Karabakh settlement, either. He thinks that no new document
will appear in the near future.

“There will be just new meetings, statements and documents mentioning
that all issues are solved. We have seen it for many times, but no
serious step on settlement will be taken,” Mr. Iskandaryan concluded.

From: A. Papazian

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