Armenian-Turkish Border To Open In September?


July 7 2010

It’s very likely that Turkey will open Armenian-Turkish border
in September, director of the Armenian Center for National and
International Studies (ACNIS), Richard Giragosian said during the
discussion in the center today.

According to the expert, it could coincide with the ceremony of the
holy mass to be served in St. Cross Church of Akhtamar on September
19. It has been foreseen to place a cross atop the church that day.

R. Giragosian said, official Ankara will thus respond to Hillary
Clinton’s regional visit.

“Of course, Turkey’s new plans are not agreed with Azerbaijan.

However, the only achievement of Armenia’s football diplomacy is that
it made a powerful blow to “one nation, two states” principle and
Turkish-Azerbaijani tandem. What really suffered from Serzh Sargsyan’s
football diplomacy is Azerbaijan,” he said.

Note that the same view was also expressed by another political expert
Alexander Iskandaryan at a press conference today.

“Before parliamentary elections in Turkey, Ankara should show that it
is taking steps to prove the process is not finally frozen,” he said.

From: A. Papazian

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