A. Krilov: "Armenia And Azerbaijan Got What Each Of Them Wanted To"


July 7 2010

How is U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s visit to the region,
particularly to Armenia assessed and observed in Russia? Panorama.am
had a talk with Russian political expert Alexander Krilov.

To the question what the expectations were and what we do have
now, A. Krilov said, as it was expected the sides have taken from
Clinton’s statement those parts they wished to hear: “Azerbaijan felt
champion, since Clinton spoke about territorial integrity, and Armenia
underscores the fact rejecting armed resolution of the conflict,”
expert said.

But still we should acknowledge that Ms. Secretary of State has made
no sensational statement, and according to A. Krilov, she couldn’t
even do that.

“The USA and the mediators have the same disposition over the Karabakh
conflict and they won’t make either side to solve the conflict, since
they expect the sides would be able to find compromise and they would
support that decision.”

Clinton’s visit is of great significance in the context of
Armenian-Turkish ties, though the Secretary of State hasn’t included
Turkey in her regional visit.

“USA and Turkey have never had such tensed ties they have today and
the reasons are numerous. But to blame only Turkey for the withdrawal
of Armenian-Turkish ties wouldn’t be accurately done,” expert said.

According to him many thought it was important to sign Zurich protocols
and then the problems would be solved. But things needed to be much

“And the protocols should have been signed only after that, which
would record and fix that decision,” Krilov said.

From: A. Papazian

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