World powers reach no consensus on Karabakh, Russian expert says, Armenia
June 25 2010

World powers reach no consensus on Karabakh, Russian expert says

June 25, 2010 | 16:27

Information on certain `Saint Petersburg Principles’ allegedly
proposed by RF President Dmitry Medvedev during the trilateral meeting
is interesting. The following events ` an unexpected departure of
Azerbaijani President, incident in Karabakh – can be connected with
certain proposals by Russia, Andrey Areshev, the Deputy Director
General, Russian Strategic Culture Foundation, told

He notes that, according to news headlines, it is obvious the world
powers do not reach consensus on the resolution of Karabakh conflict.
Unplanned activity of one side might be a consequence of others’

The expert pointed out the much-talked-of prediction of the head of
U.S. intelligence service Dennis Blair about possible new war the
terms of which concurred with Russia’s mediation mission that one
again confirms that resolution of Karabakh conflict is far from its

Areshev does not rule out the deployment of peacekeepers in Karabakh
under certain conditions. The peacekeepers cannot be deployed on a
`powder keg’. The sides should agree on basic principles, namely,
non-use of force, demilitarization of the conflict zone before the
peacekeepers are deployed, he noted.

According to him, this issue should be agreed with all the conflicting
parties and neighboring states.

From: A. Papazian

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