thanks to Cavusoglu, Europe starts conceiving what `democratic’ Turk

Gagik Melikyan: thanks to Cavusoglu, Europe starts conceiving what
`democratic’ Turkey is

June 26, 2010 – 15:02 AMT 10:02 GMT

Member of the Republican Party of Armenian parliamentary group Gagik
Melikyan said that, in his opinion, after the election of Mevlut
Cavusoglu to the post of PACE President, Europe has started conceiving
what `democratic’ Turkey is.

According to him, if things continue developing the same way, soon
representatives of PACE delegations will be have to deliver speeches
in turbans or Muslim kerchiefs. `If it is acceptable for Europe, let
it be so,’ Minasyan told a press conference.

Referring to recent reports in PACE, Minasyan noted that they are a
result of the Turkish-Azerbaijani lobby’s efforts. `Cavusoglu has not
grasped yet that he is representing PACE, he thinks he is the chairman
of Turkey’s Mejlis,’ concluded Melikyan.

From: A. Papazian

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