Armenia Leaves Azerbaijan And Georgia Behind In Failed States Index


2010-06-22 19:14:00

ArmInfo. Armenia ranks the 101st out of 177 positions in the Failed
States Index 2010 published by the US Foreign Policy Magazine in
cooperation with The Fund for Peace public organization. (A total of
177 states were ranked in order from most to least at risk of failure).

Armenia was ranked among Borderline countries alongside with Russia,
Turkey, India, Brazil, Mexico, and others. The most stable countries
were Norway, Finland and Sweden (177m 176 and 175m respectively).

Somalia, a country without government (as determined by the UN) tops
the list. Top 5 critical countries are Chad, Sudan, Zimbabwe, and
the Democratic Republic of the Congo. As for our region, Azerbaijan,
Georgia and Iran were ranked 55th, 37th and 32nd, respectively among
the countries In Danger. Uzbekistan (36th) and Tajikistan (38th)
proved the most vulnerable countries in the post-Soviet area.

The Fund for Peace uses its Conflict Assessment System Tool (CAST), an
original methodology it has developed and tested over the past decade.

CAST is a flexible model that has the capability to employ a four-step
trend-line analysis, consisting of (1) rating 12 social, economic,
political, and military indicators; (2) assessing the capabilities
of five core state institutions considered essential for sustaining
security; (3) identifying idiosyncratic factors and surprises; and
(4) placing countries on a conflict map that shows the risk history
of countries being analyzed.

From: A. Papazian

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