Arayik Sargsyan: Medvedev Has Ceded Karabakh To Turkey


June 17 2010

Russia-Turkey contacts can have a negative impact on Armenia if cadre
changes are made in the Kremlin. Deputy Chairman of the Russian Academy
of Geopolitical Problems Arayik Sargsyan told a press conference today.

“Indeed, Medvedev-Putin opposition is very strong in Russia. During his
visit to Turkey Medvedev did his utmost to give Ankara a possibility
to enter into the region, he spared no efforts to help Ankara play an
important role in the Nagorno Karabakh settlement process. According
to our information, Medvedev may dismiss Putin in the near future,
by autumn,” he said noting that Prime Minister Putin’s dismissal will
have a negative impact on Armenia.

“Medvedev ceded Karabakh to Turkey while Putin tried to stop that
process understanding that as a result of change of status quo in the
region Armenia will lose Karabakh and Azerbaijan will lose Nakhichevan,
moreover, military operations will resume in the North Caucasus,
what will become number one problem for Russia,” A. Sargsyan mentioned.

According to the expert, Russia seeks to establish peace and stability
in the region, however, any illogical action can have destructive
consequences for Russia.

From: A. Papazian

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