ANC Representative Hopes ANM Members Will Give Explanation


June 17 2010

Armenian National Congress (ANC) member Vahagn Khachatryan today at
a press conference spoke about Armenian National Movement (ANM) Board
member, party Deputy Chairman Khachatur Kokobelyan’s resignation from
his position. Touching upon the statement of Spokesman for ANM Karen
Karapetyan that Kokobelyan had disagreements with ANC on latter’s
current policy ANC representative said that he has never heard such
a thing from Kokobelyan.

“I have never heard Kokobelyan say that the Armenian National Congress
actions do not coincide with his personal point of view. He has never
declared it publicly, I have not heard. Individuals considering
themselves political figures should first of all act publicly,”
he said adding that Kokobelyan’s resignation is purely a party matter.

“It is a party matter, a matter to be discussed by them, it is a
personal problem regarding Kokobelyan only. He had better present the
problem himself and give an explanation. If some political figure is
out or is in such a situation, he is obliged to give explanations or
express his point of view,” the speaker said.

V. Khachatryan also said that he considers the situation in ANM as not
normal since it also affects ANC activity and authority. The speaker
expressed the hope that ANM members will also understand it and will
give an explanation.

From: A. Papazian

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