P. Avetisyan, "Laws On Preservation Of RA Monuments Need Improvement


JUNE 14, 2010

YEREVAN, JUNE 14, ARMENPRESS: The territory of the Republic of Armenia
is distinguished by a great number of monuments, the considerable part
of which are of archeological nature, Director of the Archeology and
Ethnography Institute of the Armenian National Academy of Sciences
Pavel Avetisyan said today at a meeting with journalists.

He said that issues can arise during the activity of people living
in that environment connected with preservation of monuments, which
must be discussed on several platforms. According to him, the laws on
monument preservation need improvement and updating. “We should not
forget that all the monuments of Armenia are of global significance,
they give exclusive information for all the rounds of the human
civilization and are unique sources,” P. Avetisyan said.

According to him, any monument needs professional care and which is
the most important, the monuments of the territory of Armenia must
be socialized and become the property of the society. Director of
“Erebuni” historical-archeological reserve-museum Gagik Gyurjyan
noted that there are two reserve-museums under the liability of the
Armenian Culture Ministry – “Agarak” historical-cultural, which has
been established in 2001 and occupies 118 hectares area, and “Erebuni”
historical-archeological, which is situated in Yerevan and occupies
100 hectares area with its 3 sub-buildings.

According to G. Gyurjyan, the law must be able to regulate not only the
territories of the historical-archeological reserves of the republic,
but the archeological territories as well. G. Gyurjyan said that
the whole territory of Armenia must be proclaimed an archeological
territory, like in Italy, thanks to which archeological studies are
carried out in those territories before starting any construction.

From: A. Papazian

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