Armenia A Unique Place Of Archeological Values


June 14 2010

“Whole territory of Armenia should be considered as that of
archaeological value, and it’s necessary to conduct serious excavations
before launching any building activities,” told media Monday Director
of the Erebuni Museum, Gagik Gyurjian.

Referring to issue of preservation of monuments, Gagik Gyurjian said
that they need professional care, and pointed that due to this factor
there is a necessity to give them status of conservancy area.

Director if the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography Pavel
Avetisian, in his turn, said that there is no society without cultural
sphere, and that if nations don’t protect the environment it may
be said of “society’s non-existing.” Pavel Avetisian pointed that
memorials must be socialized and brought closer to people.

“Armenia is one of those rare territories where there are a huge
number of cultural signs and monuments, what is more – archeological.

There are not many places of such kind on the earth that is why they
are perceived as places of world value,” stressed Avetisian.

From: A. Papazian

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