BAKU: ‘I will not be surprised at Obama’s visiting Azerbaijan…’, Azerbaijan
June 12 2010

‘I will not be surprised at Obama’s visiting Azerbaijan after Hillary Clinton’
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Zurab Kananchev The South Caucasus region has acquired a great
geostrategic importance for the United States.

The intensification of the mediation mission of Turkey, Russia and
even Iran in the issue of Karabakh force the United States also to
take steps in this direction, said official of the Research Center for
Central Asia, Caucasus and Ular-Volga of the Oriental Studies
Institute Zurab Kananchev.

I think the definite tensions in the relations between the United
States and Azerbaijan and delay in the appointment of the ambassador
and so on were caused only by the fact that the new administration of
the White House has developed an exact position on the problems of
this region including Azerbaijan especially because new US ambassador
in Azerbaijan Matthew Bryza is well familiar with the country, its
main problem Nagorno Karabakh and also the specification of the
region. This means that the US intensification on Azerbaijan is clear
and logical.

I will not be surprised if Barack Obama will also pay an official
visit to Azerbaijan after Hillary Clinton in the nearest future.

From: A. Papazian

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