BAKU: ‘Relations Between Israel And Turkey Strained Anyway’

June 1 2010

Turkish political scientist has commented on the Turkish-Israel
relations in the light of the recent incident with Flotilla of Freedom.

‘The relations between Israel and Turkey were strained anyway while
after this incident they will worsen even more’, said Turkish political
scientist, professor of the 21st century Ankara University Arif Keskin.

He said that Israel has bitten the hand that feeds it.

‘Turkey was the only Muslim country that has been supporting Israel
in the region for 60 years. By such actions, Israel has caused harm
to itself.

Meanwhile, Keskin ruled out the determined condemnation of Israel by
the world power centers.

‘These countries have created Israel. It is their child, which they
need to conduct their policy in the Middle East. Therefore, Tel-Aviv
relying on its supporters is confident about its impunity’, he said.

As for possible actions of Azerbaijan, Keskin said Baku should better
not interfere.

‘The community may express its condemnation of violence used by
Israeli soldiers but the government must stay cold-blooded. You are
now fighting Armenian lobby and it would not be good to gain an enemy
in face of the Jewish diaspora’, he said.

‘I would like to note that despite the worsening situation in the
Middle East was initiated by Israel and Iran, Turkey has to bear the
burden of this state. And time will show how it will overcome this’,
concluded the expert.

From: A. Papazian

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