RA NA Speaker Hovik Abrahamyan Receives The Young Participants Of AG


National Assembly
May 25 2010

On May 24 the Speaker of the RA National Assembly Hovik Abrahamyan
received the young participants of the Armenian General Benevolent
Union (AGBU) Goriz program, led by the Chairman of AGBU Europe Office,
the board member of Ile de France (Paris region) Alexis Govciyan
and AGBU Armenian Representation Director Ashot Ghazarian. The young
participants represented the AGBU branches of France, Germany, Spain,
Belgium, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Russia, Syria, Turkey and Armenia.

Greeting the guests the Speaker of the RA National Assembly first
congratulated A. Govciyan on the occasion of being elected board member
of Ile de France in the elections of the local self-government-bodies,
which were held recently in France. Hovik Abrahamyan touched upon
the mission of the AGBU for the benefit of Armenians, which from the
beginning of the last century had launched the activity promoting the
Armenian people’s spiritual and cultural development. The Speaker of
the RA National Assembly noted that the AGBU initiatives, undertakings
and programs in the Diaspora and Armenia had their contribution in
preserving Armenian identity.

Hovik Abrahamyan highly assessed the Goriz initiative of the AGBU
Europe Office. According to him, the Armenian Parliament has young
MPs, who take part in the legislative activities. There is also an
intention to initiate youth parliament. The Open Lesson program is
carried out in the National Assembly, within the framework of which
senior classes of different schools get acquainted with the works of
the parliament, attend the sittings.

The Speaker of the RA National Assembly presented the young
participants the structure, the activities of the National Assembly,
touched upon the processes of the Armenian-Turkish relations and the
Nagorno Karabakh conflict settlement.

Thanking for the meeting Alexis Govciyan noted that the AGBU Europe
Office was striving to make contribution in the European Union-Armenia
relations. The aim of Goriz program is to unite the Armenian young
people in different countries, create a global firm network of the
future Armenian leaders, educate and support with advice and involve
them in different programs being implemented in Armenia and Europe.

Highlighting such meetings Hovik Abrahamyan proposed the young
participants of the program to attend the sittings of the parliament,
visit different institutions. The Speaker of the RA National
Assembly expressed willingness to support the further procedure of
the initiative.

From: A. Papazian

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